Q. When can I expect my order?
Your order may take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive.

Q. Can I order from outside the United States?
Sorry, we can only ship to locations in the United States.

Q. What payment methods are accepted by the Rally to Rescue™ Store?
Mastercard and Visa

Q. Is it safe to order from the Rally to Rescue™ Store?
The Rally to Rescue™ Store transactional pages are supported by industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption, and use the Stronghold secure server, one of the best secure server software products available.

Q. Why does it say I am being redirected to an insecure page after ordering a product?
The message does not mean your credit card information was exposed. The order form pages are secure; the warning is merely about the page you are directed to after ordering. After you place the order, you are directed back to whatever page was last viewed on the Rally to Rescue™ Store site.

Q. What if I have other questions about Purina products or pets?
Please visit this page on the Purina website. From there, you can contact us for website assistance, view other Frequently Asked Questions or ask your own questions about pet care and Purina products.

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