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On the Road with Rally to Rescue
San Diego, California
October 6
Posted: 10/6/2007
Brian Werner

Just_A_Tip.jpgMelissa's Pro Plan Pointer:

There may come a time when the only way to travel with your pet is to fly. Many dogs are small enough to fly in the cabin, but some are not.

For those who are not, here's what you need to bring:

  • Purchase an airline approved plastic crate. (make sure crate is properly assembled)
  • Bedding to put inside the crate. (newspaper, towels, etc.)
  • Water container

Before taking off, it is essential to take your pet to the vet for a check up. Here they will provide you with a certificate for your pet to fly. Also, make sure your loved one has eaten no less than two hours before the flight.

Follow these tips and you'll be on your way...and up in the air in no time. >

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